Papierthéâtre offers:

- Workshops for either puppetry students or professional puppeteers. These workshops last two weeks and go through all necessary stages of the preparation of a paper theatre show starting from the dramaturgy and ending with the presentation of a short form.

- Initiation workshops for primary and secondary schools. Each participating class spends half a day discovering paper theatre as all participants make their own miniature theatres.

- Workshops for secondary and high schools lasting a week. The participating class will discover paper theatre as students prepare brief shows in groups of three to five using their chosen or written exts.

- Initiation workshop for adults lasting three days to one week. These workshops are suitable for amateurs, school teachers or tutors.


National workshop in Abadan - Iran

2 - 14 May

Regional workshop in Zarand - Iran

4 - 16 April 2015

An introduction to paper theatre in Namur - Belgium

7 - 9 February 2014

Professional workshop at OTHNI in Yaounde - Cameroon

20 January - 1 February 2014

Photographer: Serge Hivert

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Workshop at Dominique Savio Highschool in Douala & Fustel de Coulanges in Yaounde - Cameroon

6 - 17 January 2014



Workshop at the International Institute of puppetry in Charleville-Mezieres

20 August - 6 September 2013

Photographer: Christophe Loiseau

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