By Narguess Majd




Tara is a little girl living with her aunt who has a pastry shop. Friends and acquaintances get together for Tara’s birthday party, but she disappears after they leave. Police investigation does not find any clue but the aunt discovers a curious way to communicate with her niece every evening in the garden.

New events agitate the town every day and their consequences make certain inhabitants leave. However, the confectioner thinks it is neccessary t resist difficulties and finds new recipes to relieve her clients.

Tara comes back to take her aunt to the most fortunate place where she has been; but should they stay or should they leave?

Age: 9+

Running time: 55 minutes

The project

During a school/artist exchange, Papierthéâtre Company worked with eight classes of 4th, 5th and 6th graders. The subject was “to stay or to leave”. The number of immigrants coming to France is much more important than the number of the French who decide to immigrate; therefore, the majority of the inhabitants of the country are not familiar with the variety of reasons making people want to leave their homes. “Foyer” is the fruit of this collaboration, which made it possible for students to see and to think about some of the major reasons and their impact on people’s daily lives and their tolerance. The visual universe of the show is inspired by this cooperation and students’ drawings.

Director and scenographer: Narguess Majd

Actress-manipulators: Rébecca Fortsre and Narguess Majd

Composer: Ya-Ourt

Lighting designer and scenery costructer: Antoine Lenoir

Constructor: Alain Lecucq

Assisting constructor: Erika Faria de Oliveira

Contact: Mariana Rocha -