By Narguess Majd


Shall we leave or shall we stay? Foyer speaks about departure and emigration reasons not considering the difficulties of the trip or the arrival. The idea of this show came to the author's mind in the north of France. "Who is an immigrant" and the children replied: "Someone who puts the camp on fire" or "Someone who drowns in the sea". They had other answers related to recent events considering immigrants, but they would not speak the travel. This top subject of daily observation and debate plays an essential role in political decisions and viewpoints, which build and guide the society. The ignorance of enfants geographically the closest to the reception and transit zones was the reason why the company decided to study the subject and to define "Emigration" and "immigration" for children and to speak about the importance of human decision in the whole process.

The first performance will be in March 2019 in Bazancourt/France.