Attic in Paris

By Matei Visniec



ne day, as the philosopher, Emil Cioran, walks out of the Gallimard Publications, he realizes that he has forgotten his way back home. This is the starting point of the play which follows the great French-writing Romanian philosopher from the moment he starts to lose his memory. For a few days, Emil Cioran walks around Paris; he awaits Orient-Express train at the Gare de l'Est Station; he goes to the Prefecture to ask for a stamp on his statelessness card; and he meets several out of ordinary characters such as the Lady who cuts the Bread into Pieces or the Blind with the Telescope. The philosopher of lucidity and nihilism who has demolished any idea likely to save the human being in his books and also the theorist of suicide as the only horizon which makes life bearable, heads towards death as he loses his memory.

Director: Alain Lecucq

Scenographer: Annie Bizeau

Cast: Brice Coupey

Manipulators: Narguess Majd & Alain Lecucq

Lighting designer: Daniel Linard

Suitable for:

dults and adolescents

Maximum 150 persons




'Union - 25 March 2010

"Brice Coupey's acting is absolutely remarkable: the extraordinary mobility of the face as well as the body and the perfect controlling of the tones, serve the various moods and the characters of the show. The body "speaks" as much as the voice. Permanently gliding between the inside and the outside od the characters' consciousness, the actor's presence does not maintain but breaks the illusion. The paper theatre show directed by Alain Lecucq, proposes to think over the relationship between the body and the objective world, and takes us to a universe of striking modernity."

rt Act (Romania) - 10 November 2011


Technical conditions:

6 m wide x 5 m deep stage

Black box

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