My Name is Red

Based on Orhan Pamuk's novel



Photographer: Pierre Mendelssohn


 My Name is Red by Orhan Pamuk, the winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature, is a subtle reflection on art and the shock between Occidental and Oriental cultures, which takes us to the fascinating world of the Ottoman Empire at the end of the 16th century and keeps us in extraordinary suspense until the very last page. It is winter 1591 and Istanbul is covered in snow. A corps with a smashed skull speaks to us from the bottom of the well into which he has been thrown. He knows his murderer, as well as the reasons for which he has been assassinated: a plot against the Ottoman Empire, culture, tradition and painting. The miniaturists of the Sultan's workshop, among whom he worked before his death, are in charge to illustrate a book in the Italian style. The spirit of Persian miniatures, receiving successive brush strokes from their painters, before being treated by illuminators, gilders and calligraphers under the direction of the Workshop's Great Master has been highly present at the preparation of the show. The charm of paper theatre and the live music of Siamak Jahangiry, the Ney (oriental flute) master, bring into movement the characters and voices of the novel in a colourful fresco.


Directors: Alain Lecucq & Narguess Majd

Composer & instrumentalist: Siamak Jahangiry

Lighting designer: Walter Pace

Cast: Brice Coupey, Alain Lecucq & Narguess Majd


Suitable for:

Adults and adolescents

Maximum 200 persons



"Alain Lecucq's Papierthéâtre Company offered a fabulous show; a skilfully proportioned union between the worlds of puppetry, drama and storytelling. The music is written and played by Siamak Jahangiry. It is a perfect plunge into the universe of myths, tales and Oriental stories."

The Union 12 October 2012


Technical conditions:

9 m wide x 8 m deep stage

Black box

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