Les Rencontres Internationales de Théâtres de Papier

The International Gatherings of Paper Theatre

A biennale festival


In 1998, under the direction of Alain Lecucq, Papierthéâtre Company started the biennale festival of paper theatre, the RITP, or the International Gatherings of Paper Theatre. The festival has been co-directed by Narguess Majd since 2009.


The RITP at the World Puppet Festival

The collaboration between the RITP and the World Puppet Festival continues. Once again Hotel de Ville in Mézières hosts paper theatre shows from the 18th to the 22nd of September 2015. For more informtaion click on the images.

Reservation on : www.festival-marionnette.com

Paper Cuts is a travelling show performed in the street.

In Setember 2013, the RITP will take place as part of the World Pupetry Festival in Charleville-Mézières.

The festival has several Objectives:

- To introduce paper theatre to a large audience;

- To motivate artists to use and develop this technique;

- To serve as an opportunity for companies producing paper theatre shows to be recognized;

- To serve as an opportunity for these companies to present their work to programmers and to gain recognition of cultural events in their home countries.

During the first edition of the RITP, the audience could discover shows from 5 countries; nevertheless, the number of participating countries has reached 22 with 65 companies presenting 87 shows giving 350 performances.

Presented countries and companies:

- Belgium


- Brazil

   Badulake Teatro

- Canada

   Meyer Kirshenblatt, Petit Théâtre de l'Absolu

- Czech Republic

   Hana Voriskova

- Denmark

   Svalegangen Dukkteater

- England

   George Speaight, New Model Theatre, Paperplays, Puppet Working Group, The Toy Theatre, Thimble Toy Theatre

- Finland

   Abo Akademi University

- France

   Anima, Arc-en-Terre, Atelier de la Boule Bleue, Barbara Mélois, Egregore, Emile Sabord, En Verre et Contre Tout, ESNAM de CharlevilleMézières, Gazelle, Houdart-Heuclin, Les Théâtres de Mathieu, Théâtre Foz, Trois Six Trente, Volpinex

- Germany

   Barbara Steinitz and Björn Kollin, Burgtheater, Der Urbanen Kriminalitat, Invisus, Kölner Katschentreffen, Pollidor, Römers Privattheater, Severinus

- Iran

  Agrin, Darvak, Sanjaq Qofli

- Israel

   Galia Levy Grad

- Italy

   Atelier delle Figure, Papelito

- Mexico

   Facto Teatro

- Netherland

   Grims Papieren Teater, Phoenix Papieren Theater

- Norway

   Oslo Salongteater

- Palestine

   Palestinian National Theatre

- Poland

  Akademia Teatralna, Bialostocki Teatr Lalek, Ognia I Papieru, Teatr Niemozisiwy

- Portugal

  Formas Anmadas da Vila do Conde

- Russia

  Theb Theatre, University of Iaroslav

- Slovenia