A Robinson

Based on Daniel Defoe's novel



A Robinson tells the story of the eventful life of a young English man who has only one passion: the sea. He boards on ship against his parents' will and comes upon many adventures including his imprisonment by pirates and his sugar cane planting before the famous shipwreck which brings him solitude on a desert island, perhaps not fully deserted. The arrival of a companion, Friday, changes his life. Then arrive mutinies and their hostages: our hero's wife and son! The show approaches slavery, friendship and difference of cultures while presenting extravagant scenes of the 19th century melodramas with many backdrops and character in classical toy theatre style. Hence, it is a genuine show as well as an introduction to this very particular form of play through which storytelling, theatre and puppetry meet. The show is followed by a brief history of paper theatre (toy theatre) and the presentation of original documents.

The show can be performed in French, English and Spanish.

Director and actor: Alain Lecucq

Lighting: Narguess Majd

Suitable for:

Children over 7

Maximum 60 children, 80 in tiered auditorium

Technical conditions:

4 m wide x 3 m deep stage

Black box

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