They wrote

"A huge field of experimentation, presenting visible manipulation, appears to be growing: (...) paper theatre revived by Alain Lecucq (...)"

"And names appear, staying in minds as much as the titles of the shows [they present]: (...) Alain Lecucq for paper theatres."

"Paper theatre, the light form open to every inspiration, much appreciated by Ingmar Bergman (Fanny and Alexander) and Raoul Ruiz, benefits from Alain Lecucq's researches."

Christian Armengaud, L'Art vivant de la Marionnette, Loubatières, 2012

"Today, Alain Lecucq's Papierthéâtre is one of the most talented companies in France. [The director] works on contemporary texts and organizes a festival devoted to paper theatre."

Ann and Robert Cara, 100 mots pour comprendre les arts de la marionnette, Scéren, 2011

"Far from writing pure poetic speech, authors like Matéi Visniec, associated to Alain Lecucq's Papierthéâtre Company (...) agree on the term 'conflict'. 'Firm', 'turnover', 'management' ... These words express the world's brutality, even so, they find pictorial sense -and absolutely unexpectedly- once treated by puppeteers."

Mathieu Braunstein, Théâtre aujourd'hui n° 12, 2011

"Une affaire de rencontres" [An affair of encounters], Interview with Alain Lecucq

Manip n° 18, 2009

"Very fortunately, in recent years, certain artists have not hesitated to 'go beyond the borders' (...) Alain Lecucq proposes a 'paper theatre' in which the story written by a novelist such as Mohamed Kacimi goes through the subtlety of the manipulation of surfaces, object and the body of the actor-narrator-storyteller."

Patrice Parvis, La Mise en scène contempraine, Armand Colin, 2007

"Le terrain du dialogue" [The Territory of Dialogue], interview with Alain Lecucq

Voix d'auteurs et marionnettes, Alternative théâtrale n° 72, April 2012

"Writing is always an alteration process, an operation which metamorphoses the reality it apprehends. In order to read, it is absolutely necessary to be able to read. Only poets of the stage know to hear what the poets of the book say. And this type of meeting takes place more and more, discretely, magically: Valère Novarina and Claude Buchwald, Philippe Minyana and Robert Cantarella, Matéi Visniec and Alain Lecucq (...)"

Bruno Taeckels, Mouvement Cahier spécial n° 14 2001