A Secret in the Alleys

By Fariba Vafi



Photographer : Hermine Jouan

Two little girls live in a popular district of an Iranian town.

Homeyra, timid and respectful, lives with her mother, her grandmother, her sister, her brother and her father, deeply in love with his wife. But does she feel the same about him?

Azar, Homeyra's best friend, is curious and notably resourceful. Her poor house, shelters her drug addict father, her bakery worker mother and Gholamali, her apprentice shoemaker adolescent brother. Family occupations charge Gholamali with adult responsibilities not leaving him enough time to become a real one.

Life is very exciting in this neighbourhood full of colours, scents, adventures and hidden love. But where will this environment take the two little friends who seem to have learned too much about certain subjects?


Director and scenographer: Narguess Majd

Actor-manipulators: Hélène Barreau, Rebbeca Foester, Fred Pougeard

Stage managers: David Lippe, Anaïs Plasse

Composer: Siamak Jahangiry

Lighting designer: Daniel Linard

Technician: Antoine Lenoir

Construction: Cecile Doutey, Anaïs Plasse

Cut-out: Alain Lecucq, Narguess Majd

Puppet construction: Einat Landais, Cerise Guyon